Sandberg has announced the new USB ChatSet is now available in the UK.

This essentially lets users have both their speakers or a headset connected to the computer's audio output at the same time.

The Sandberg USB ChatSet installs in Windows as a separate sound card when the USB connector is inserted.

Sandberg explains: "When the speakers are connected to one sound card and the headset is connected to the other sound card, users can select the output you want in the settings for each individual application".

"Games, Windows Media Player and other applications like them will then always use the speakers, while telephony applications such as Skype consistently use the headset, which means no more changing cables."

The Sandberg USB ChatSet comes with a 5-year guarantee, and the accessories include a 2.5 metre cable.

It is available now for £19.99 via the Interactive Ideas online store which is accessed via Amazon.