Seagate has announced the Maxtor Central Axis network drive in a one terabyte storage capacity.

The new drive offers media streaming capabilities for video, photos and music and an "easy-to-use" remote access service that allows people to access and retrieve content stored on their network drive through any internet browser.

Because it's networked, the Maxtor Central Axis network drive allows each computer in the home to be automatically backed up, while sharing files from computer to computer is also possible - even between Macs and PCs as the device is connected via the router.

Entertainment devices which are DLNA compliant, such as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, can also be hooked up into the network.

Seagate says the Maxtor Central Axis lets you "easily" log into the remote access service from an internet browser to securely access and share the files stored on the networked storage drive with no need for plug-ins or the need to disable firewalls.

The Maxtor Central Axis 1TB capacity drive is expected to be available in the US in July for $329.99 while availability and pricing in Europe and Asia will come later this year.