Fujitsu Siemens Computers has launched a new consumer product line, the Amilo 3000 series.

"The design and other improvements in the Amilo 3000 line are not trendy gimmicks or short-term fads. Our investments are long-term and will enable us to strengthen and develop our position as the largest European provider in the consumer market", said an FSC spokesperson.

The entire line - from the entry-level model to the USB stick - is uniformly designed in quite striking contrasting black and white.

The newly designed desktop PCs will be available in several formats ranging from a "sleek" entry-level PC to a "high performance" gamer machine while FSC says the notebooks are designed to be the best for mobile usage.

The product options, depending on the model, include a high-resolution camera for web conferencing, BrilliantView widescreen format and a Blu-ray drive.

The main attraction for power gamers and multimedia fans is the GraphicBooster, an external graphics card solution with a small, square design that claims to easily turn a notebook into a powerful graphics station.