Those clever chaps over at Engadget have sniffed out what appears to be the latest lappie design from Dell.

The pictures are alleged to show the 14-inch Inspiron 1435, 15.4-inch 1535, and 17-inch 1735.

And the snaps are being used as evidence that Dell has opted to radically change its designs with more tapered machines that echo the shape of the upscale XPS line-up.

Electronista also suggests that the new machines will be the first to have a unique, edge-to-edge LCD that eliminates the thick side bezels that often surround notebooks.

And the new laptops may also be the first mainstream notebooks from Dell to use slot-load optical drives.

The specs haven't been published but rumour has it that the new line-up will have 2.16GHz Core 2 Duo processors and may also boast multi-format card readers.

And when will they arrive?

The Inspiron 1535 will reportedly go on sale first, starting from 26 May.

The 1735 will ship next on 9 June and may be the first to include faster processors designed for Intel's new Centrino 2 platform, which launches less than a week before.

And the 1435 won't be about until the autumn.