Following the news we brought you last month about the problems the One Laptop Per Child's XO machine's keyboard, it seems other issues are now being reported.

Although the "sealed, rubber-membrane keyboard" should be able to withstand the rigours of life and whatever its underage users can throw at it, it seems children have been literally ripping it apart.

Despite the OLPC's claims that "the estimated product lifetime is at least five years. To help ensure such durability, the machines are being subjected to factory testing to destruction, as well as in situ field testing by children", reports are coming in that tears are developing in the keyboard's cover.

Users have complained that splits in the rubber above the U and J keys then mean the entire keyboard can be swiftly demolished by 3- and 4-year-old fingers.

The latest complaint with the keyboard is "stuck key" problem, in which one or more of the keys become stuck in an activated position, or are activated when adjacent keys are pressed.

The official response from OLPC regarding these latest complaints is that the cause of this problem is unknown because "there are several manufacturers of the keyboards".