Looks like there's another entrant in the race to the bottom, as MSI has quietly shown off a new Eee rival at the CeBIT show.

The MSI Wind is apparently only at prototype stage just now, but it has been specced and priced which is always a good sign something might actually make it to market.

Offering a 10-inch display (so 1.1-inches larger than the biggest Eee announced to date) the Wind offers Intel's Shelton'08 platform, with variable processor speeds from 1.0GHz to 1.6GHz.

To be sold with either an HDD or SSD, there's a 1GB RAM, and a rather impressive-sounding 7-hour battery life.

As well as a choice of OSes - it runs either Linux or Windows - there's colour options too with MSI showing off blue, silver and pink variations.

The Wind is expected to be priced from £225 - so spot on to rival Eee pricing - but absolutely no whisper yet of when it might launch.