GETAC has launched a new fully rugged notebook, the B300. The new "hard as nails road warrior" has been designed to be fully customisable for those who work in the field, but some features unique to the new model are worthy of shout out.

The B300 is the first fully rugged notebook to include the very latest development in Sunlight Readable Technology, with the option of a high-brightness Sunlight Readable panel of 1200 nits.

Using advanced thermal management, GETAC's 1200 nits technology exceeds the industry standard of 1000 nits which is currently deemed the highest available on the market and can be configured as a touchscreen without affecting the brightness.

On the opposite end of the scale, the B300 boasts a "Black-Out" mode where users can turn off all lights (including the panel backlight and all LED indicators), to avoid being spotted in darkened conditions and exposing their location, so not a feature for say, the average office worker, then.

And - also useful for those black ops type folk - there's a Night Vision mode which means the screen can be viewed when using night vision goggles without a special filter.

Designed for inhospitable environments and harsh weather conditions, the B300 will withstand rain, dust and spillages and has a shock-mounted HDD so that a drop doesn't mean a disaster.

The B300 offers a 12-hour battery life, can be specced with any kind of wireless connectivity you should fancy, and can be tricked out with all kinds of high-tech security features, including biometrics.

Available soon, with pricing depending on specification.