In the days leading up to Steve Jobs' Macworld2008 keynote speech we asked the Pocket-lint readership, "Would you be interested in an ultra-portable slim MacBook?"

As most of you will now know, Steve Jobs used his speech as the launch pad for the new MacBook "Air" - the world's thinnest laptop.

In response to the question we posed, and before Jobs' revelations, 68% of the Pocket-lint readership said that yes, they would be interested in an ultra-portable slim MacBook, while 32% said no.

What we didn't ask when we phrased the poll, was "Would you be interested in an ultra-portable slim MacBook that has a non-replaceable battery, limited connectivity options and costs a minimum of £1199?".

Presumably some of that 68% would be put off by the arguably high price, and the restrictions that a non-swappable battery (in what is essentially a machine designed for portability) would mean.

So, has the spec and full details of the MacBook Air changed your mind? Are you still interested in buying one? Have you pre-ordered one already? We'd love to hear your thoughts - hit the talk button below to let us know...