The TechGuys, stating that "waistlines are not the only things that are feeling bloated this January" are reporting an increase of calls to their helpline regarding sluggish computers.

More than 70% of callers to the TechGuys this January have indicated that their PC is running slowly, something that the TechGuys are attributing to an over-indulgence in downloads.

"We’ve definitely seen an increase in what we would describe as 'e-besity'", said Tim Fairs, chief communicator at the TechGuys.

"When we’ve started to run diagnostics, we’ve seen that many users have downloaded pictures, movies, songs and new software applications, all of which contribute to sluggishness and general digital indigestion."

Advising a "January detox" for machines, the support service offers free advice on how to run simple admin tasks like moving files and defragging drives. Find out more via the link below.