Philips and Lite-On Digital Solutions have announced the launch of a new external drive, the DX-20A4PU - the first in a new range of drives to integrate an updated version of the EZ-DUB technology.

The DX-20A4PU is a high speed 20x DVD writer in a "trendy" black and white casing.

The EZ-DUB technology has been available with previous Lite-On drives and features two buttons on the top of the drive and offers common data writing functions with a one-touch effort - the "FILE" button backs up files from the computer whilst the "DUB" button will copy disc to disc.

The new "enhanced" EZ-DUB swaps the "physical" buttons with two touch sensitive buttons.

The drive also features SmartWrite technology. SmartWrite uses a smart writing algorithm and self-learning techniques to detect and select the best method of writing data for each type of media used, and then remember that decision for future sessions.

The DX-20A4PU is out now, for £49.