Buffalo Technology has announced that it is the first company to launch a 320GB portable external hard drive to the market.

Available from December, the £155 HD-PS320U2 MiniStation TurboUSB 5400rpm hard drive is aimed at users wanting to store large amounts of data on the move.

“The 320GB version has been launched in response to consumer demand for fast, high capacity, portable storage devices”, said Gerardine Lynch, product marketing manager at Buffalo Technology

The MiniStation TurboUSB is a shock-resistant USB 2.0 portable hard drive that boasts file transfer rates up to 64% faster than traditional 4200rpm USB hard drives.

Like the rest of the MiniStation TurboUSB range, it is compatible with all Windows systems (2000, XP and Vista) and all Mac OS X, including the recently launched version Leopard.

With the ability to draw power from the PC it is connected to, it requires no external power supply.