One Laptop Per Child has announced that it will be selling its $100 (actual price $188) laptop to users in developed countries keen to use the laptop.

Customers looking to get the laptop will be able to do so from 12 November as part of the company's Give 1 Get 1 Program.

For $399, customers will be able to purchase two XO laptops, one that will be sent to a child to learn in a developing nation, and one that will be sent to the customers home.

Failing that, users of the site will also be able to simply donate $200 to send a laptop to a child in a developing country.

Originally planned to cost $100 per unit, back in May the group announced the price would rise to $176, while the latest pricing announcement by spokesperson George Snell earlier this month now puts the tag at $188.

The laptop, to be bought by governments and then distributed to children, is planned to go into full-scale production in October.

Despite reports earlier this year suggesting millions of pre-orders, the group will not confirm level of interest in the product: "We are not disclosing any orders until we have a final computer", Snell said. "We are in talks with dozens of countries."