Gadget sites in the States are reporting that the new uber-sexy Samsung printers, recently announced at IFA, will be exclusive to Apple in the States.

We can reveal that this deal will, and we quote our Samsung contact, "definitely not" be the case for the UK.

In America the two new high-end printers, the SCX-4500 and ML-1630 will sell for $299 and $199 respectively and are exclusive to Apple until 2008.

The team up is not that surprising, although technically competent, the printers are design-led and would suit a new iMac set-up aesthetically.

When launched the Samsung blurb said that the new peripherals: "Accentuate sophisticated forms of minimalism by reducing the printer to its essentials and simultaneously incorporating an aesthetic stylishness".

Although our source was able to confirm an Apple exclusive is not the case here in Blighty, we are unable to let you know how, when and for how much info on the printers, but we'll keep you informed as soon as we do.