JVC launched their new single-sided dual layer DVD-RW disc for data - the VD-WDL85GJ - capable of storing data through continuous rewriting at IFA 2007.

The new products have a single sided recording capacity of 8.5GB, which is similar to the single-sided Dual Layer DVD-R discs and 1.8 times recording capacity of conventional single-sided DVDs.

The demand for recordable DVD discs is steadily increasing, with world forecasted demand in 2007 to increase by 21% from the previous year to 5727 million for write-once DVD discs, and an increase of 21% to 495 million rewritable DVD discs.

To try and meet these needs, JVC has developed and released "DVD-RW DL" discs, the world's first single-sided dual Layer DVD-RW disc capable of recording and rewriting large amounts of data.

Formal standards for rewriting and playback of the "DVD-RW for DL" method were decided by the DVD Forum at the end of 2006.

JVC hope that these standards will be adopted as the standard specifications for recordable DVD drives in the future, and that use of the technology will expand globally.

The VD-WDL85GJ will only work in a device that supports "DVD-RW for DL" for playback, record, rewrite and delete data.

The new DVD-RW discs are both economical and environmentally friendly as they can be reused repeatedly and boast a proprietary high performance hard coat treatment to protect the recording surface against scratches, dust, and dirt.

No pricing confirmed, but the discs will be available from September 2007.