Fujitsu Siemens Computers is launching its new 22-inch SCALEOVIEW monitor, equipped with video telephony, at IFA 2007.

A camera and two microphones are integrated within the display housing and it is operated by connecting a USB cable to a PC.

The camera provides no-flickering pictures at 30 frames per second, while the integrated microphones are apparently positioned to ensure optimum sound quality.

In addition to the standard integrated PC interfaces D-Sub and DVI, a number of other entertainment media devices can easily be connected to the display, thanks to S-Video and Composite Video ports for video recorders and video cameras, and HDMI and DVI interfaces for viewing HDCP-encrypted films.

The Q22W-1 can also been used as a high-resolution TV when coupled with a set-top box, next-gen DVD player or a gaming console.

An integrated LED shows when the camera is recording and images can be seen in a picture-in-picture display, and a blue LED illuminates when data is being transferred from the camera to a connected PC.

The 22-inch screen is designed for side-by-side viewing of multiple applications, such as email, a web browser and a multimedia player, and thanks to a colorfast, high-contrast panel, the monitor can be used to watch movies in TV quality.

The device goes on sale in time for Christmas at approximately £299.