Designed from the bottom up to meet the high rugged standards of the military, government, utility, public safety, field service, manufacturing and health care industries, the new V100 from GETAC won't be making its way onto many consumer shopping lists but we still thought it worthy of a mention.

The V100 boasts specialist rugged features to ensure it can withstand some of the most extreme conditions in almost any environment but remains ultra-light at 2.2kg.

It V100 features a rotatable, polarised touchscreen 10.4-inch WXGA TFT LCD display (including a 1.3MP waterproof camera) that can be customised to include sunlight readable technology.

It is capable of withstanding heavy rain and is immune to damage from dust and debris. The removable hard drive, is shielded with anti-vibration rubber and anti-shock housing.

The HDD can have an optional HDD heater which combined with low temperature battery means the V100 will continue to work in temperatures down to -20C.

Featuring an Intel Core Duo ULV 1.2GHz processor the V100 supports Bluetooth TPM 1.2 and WLAN technology as standard, and 3G and GPRS are available as upgrades.

Finally, and probably most important for anyone planning to use the GETAC in tough conditions is probably the 3 year warranty...