Fujitsu Siemens Computers has launched a new professional notebook range.

Hoping to keep their competitive advantage in the mid-range professional business user market niche, FSC has made these new offerings lightweight, given them good battery life and the added bonus of UMTS connectivty.

The three models in the new ESPRIMO Mobile Series will be available from the middle of August 2007, will feature top-end specs and Intel Core 2 Duo processors with prices starting at 1099 euros, about £740.

The entry level ESPRIMO Mobile U9200 certainly is portable with a 12.1-inch display and lightweight design.

It weighs just 1.8 kilos and with its integrated UMTS, it is particularly suited to those aforementined business types who need to keep in touch at all times.

If you can cope with the extra 0.3 kilos then the ESPRIMO Mobile M9400 has a 14.1 inch display.

Topping the new range, the ESPRIMO Mobile D9500 features a 15.4 inch display and weighs in at 2.5 kilos, FSC are angling this model as desktop replacement PC.

As is befitting the energy-efficient ESPRIMO brand name the notebooks offer a battery life of 6 hours.

With the option of a second battery, and both batteries fully juiced, the ESPRIMO Mobile professional notebooks could run for a maximum of 10 hours without any external power.