NEC in Japan has announced two new models of their "Network Speax" home fax machine lineup.

Before you hard refresh, thinking you've browsed back in time, they do feature more up-to-date technology than traditional fascimile offerings.

The Network Speax models feature a "paper email" capability that allows them to send data to mobile phones and PCs via email.

So, like a traditional fax transmission, the "paper e-mail" capability sends image data such as written texts and drawings on paper to mobile phones and PCs as attached files.

Resolutions of images sent to mobile phones can be 480x640 in standard mode and 960 x 1280 in quality mode.

"We hope the lineup will appeal to the elderly and children that are not good at e-mail operation using mobile phones and PCs", an NEC spokesperson said.

Pricing for the two models will be from about £150, no news of a launch outside of Japan.