Trustive have launched an "all you can eat" pricing plan.

The "Unlimited" offering, aimed at mobile professionals, will give flat rate Wi-Fi access to Trustive's worldwide network.

This covers most major European airports and - in 60 days time - will include over 30,000 hotspots.

For a monthly fee of 33 euros (around £22) Trustive Unlimited will let you use any of the company's affiliated hotspots for as long as you want with no additional roaming charges or per-minute fees.

Trustive also offer some nifty end-user software.

Although not a required to use the Trustive service, it lets you easily detect and get secure one click access to the Trustive network of hotspots anywhere in the world.

It also incorporates a unique email tool, which means email messages can be sent from any hotspot, using your existing email account even if SMTP access is blocked.

Another key features for mobile business peeps is VPN connectivity which lets you access your organisation's corporate network.

SME business plans as well as pre-paid one-off fees are also available.