We know things move fast in the world of gadgets and technology, however 2 months on from announcing to the world that it had created a 32GB Solid State Drive, SanDisk has announced a 64GB drive.

The drive, which SanDisk says is aimed at both enterprise users and early adopter consumers such as gamers will be available as a 1.8-inch UATA 5000 and 2.5-inch SATA 5000 SSD products.

“Laptop manufacturers have requested more memory capacity for systems that use the Microsoft Vista platform, which can require a number of preloaded accessories and security suites”, said Doreet Oren, SanDisk director of SSD product marketing.

In notebook computers, data moves to and from an SSD more than 100 times faster than data moving to and from a hard disk.

The company claims that the new drives will allow users to boot Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise in as little as 30 seconds and access files at an average speed of 0.11 milliseconds.

A notebook using a hard disk requires an average 48 seconds to boot and an average 17 milliseconds to access files.

The announcement was made at Computex Taipei 2007.