A new memory card format developed by the Taiwanese Industrial Technology Research Institute could see data storage capacity of around 2048GB.

The new miCARD (Multiple Interface Card) format has just received approval from the MultiMediaCard Association.

Before you wring your hands in despair at the thought of having to buy another card reader for your computer, miCARDs are designed to work with the existing MMC format – and more importantly – will be compatible with USB.

Apparently the 12 x 21 x 1.95mm cards will plug straight into your USB ports, so no new adaptors will be necessary.

Developed to make transfer of larger data files faster, the miCARDs will work in small electronic gadgets such as phones and digital cameras and will then transfer data to your computer at an impressive 480Mbits per second.

On launch the miCARDs are due to be available with 8GB of storage but this is reported to eventually increase to 2048GB.

Twelve Taiwanese companies have signed up to produce the cards, more information will be announced later this month and the miCARD is expected to see launch in late 2007.