Wacom, a leading manufacturer of pen tablets, has boasted that their new Bamboo product "reinvents the pen for the 21st century".

Bamboo is a new A6 sized pen tablet aimed at "ordinary" consumers for freehand writing, annotating and navigating in computer applications.

It can be used both for simple tasks, like making notes on documents, to the more sophisticated applications like retouching photos.

The creative among you might relish the prospect of using Bamboo to personalise emails by signing them off with a digital signature and adding your no-doubt brilliant and witty sketches or doodles to a variety of mediums.

Business users should note that Bamboo will enable you, by selecting a pen or highlighter tool in Microsoft Office, to jot notes, create rough sketches or mark up documents, spreadsheets, or presentation slides. Big red crosses over subordinate's work always do well for morale.

The pen is cordless and battery-free (a patented Wacom design) while the tablet itself connects via USB.

Bamboo can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Vista, Office 2007 or Mac OS, it will cost around 70 quid and is available now. Check out the swanky, if slightly overlong, website presentation by following the link below.