Going for ultra-small as is the trend with most Japanese electronic gadgets, Fujitsu unveil its latest convertible tablet PC.

Fujitsu is introducing another pair of ultralight models of handheld PCs on the market. However, compared to previous models, Fujitsu has had to limit a few features on the convertible tablet PCs. So, if you're willing to accept a few trade-offs in favour of portability this could be an interesting product.

The new designs are pretty similar, the processor looks to be the biggest difference between the two models, with the P70WN packing a Core Solo U1400 processor and the P50WN opting for a Celeron M443 instead.

Both will give you the same 8.9-inch touchscreen with a 1280 x 768 resolution, and houses between 60 and 80GB of hard drive space. The whole thing weighs in at about 2.2 pounds.

We will keep you updated on UK availability and price, although may stay in Japan for some time.