As more and more of us spend more time in front of our PC, the need for bigger better quality screens is becoming apparent.

On the back of this, NEC has announced two new 24 inch screens for PC use coming from its MultiSync series.

The first, LCD2490WUXi comes with the following specs 1920 x 1200, 800:1 and 400cd/m2. Also featuring the H-IPS technology for LCD monitors.

The new H-IPS A-TW panel, which, besides other features, offers wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 178° without colour shift. This ensures an excellent view of the panel from any angle, the product would probably be good for multi-monitor applications, e.g., financial trading or broadcasting.

In such applications, the TileComp feature also compensates automatically for the optical distortion – such as in the representation of a circle – normally caused by the casing frame.

The second product is the LCD2470WNX and its S-PVA Type screen, 1920 x 1200, 1000:1 and 500cd/m2 for brightness.

If you're planning on making one thing bigger it might be worth having a look at this, though we at Pocket-lint are yet to test the feature.

We will keep you posted on UK availability and prices.