PC World has set itself the lofty goal of developing the first "carbon neutral" PC to be sold throughout its network of stores.

It plans to create the machine out of recycled materials and offset the rest with carbon offset payments.

The new PC, which could be on the shelves as early as this summer, will be made up of components that are selected for their efficiency and low energy consumption, or from recycled and recyclable materials.

And to make up for the pollution caused by component production and transportation, the company will pay toward projects like tree planting and other conservation.

Run on the Vista operating system, the PC will be able to monitor its power consumption through new power management systems.

Hopefully this effort from PC World will encourage other computer developers to examine their production methods and materials and consider creating greener PCs.

Earlier this year Dell announced that it plans to launch a global carbon-neutral initiative called "Plant a Tree for Me" that will plant trees for customers to offset the carbon impact of electricity required to power their systems.