Evesham, the UK PC maker, has launched a new desktop to coincide with the release of Windows Vista Home Premium.

The new Solar Storm PC comes with Windows Vista Home Premium along with an impressive array of accessories for £1000.

To start off, the package comes with a 20-inch Viewsonic TFT monitor, Creative I-trigue Speakers, and Logitech Internet Pro Cordless Keyboard and Mouse.

The computer features Intel Core 2 Duo processors, 1GB of RAM, and 256MB Nvidia graphics card.

To make sure that you can use it as a media centre, Evesham has also thrown in a hybrid TV tuner for analogue and digital TV, 320GB hard disk drive, and an 18x DVD writer.

As an additional buying incentive, if you buy up until the 30 February, you'll be eligible to win back the cost of your order.