A US company has developed a new USB memory drive that is the size of a credit card and just millimetres thick.

The new device, called Wallet Flash will cost around £70 and be available in the UK later in the year.

Coming in memory sizes up to 2GB the ultra thin wallet friendly device comes with a USB socket for connecting straight into your PC.

The device, which also promise to be waterproof and unbreakable can be fitted with an RFID, bardcode and USB security functions.

The company has also used the technology to launch a MP3 player version complete with controls.

Also waterproof, the device claims to be the thinnest and lightest MP3 player available and also comes in sizes up to 2Gb.

To save space, the earphones plug into the USB2 connector and the battery is recharged by connecting it to a computer.

The company also offers a wallet Wi-Fi finder in the same form factor.