The makers of interactive iPod jackets has launched a bag that will feature a small LCD display to allow users to check key contacts, emails and other data that has been synced with Microsoft's new Slideshow technology.

Designed to support the Windows SideShow feature in Windows Vista, Eleksen, the makers behind FlexTex have launched a laptop bag complete with an LCD display.

The company is hoping that by allowing the technology to be included in bags or jackets users will be able to stay connected without having to take their computer out of its case.

The display can be used to easily view the critical information users need, whether the laptop is on, off, or in sleep mode.

The Eleksen Wearable Display Module is comprised of a 2.46in Active TFT LCD screen and 1GB of storage for data files.

The company said the bags should be on sale from later this month, although it has not confirmed a price.