Seagate has announced a range of new stylish looking hard drives at CES 2007 hoping to make storage sexy.

Going under the moniker of Seagate FreeAgent data movers the will come in a series of guises to suit all needs.

Leading the pack is the FreeAgent Pro data movers, available in 320GB, 500GB, 750GB sizes.

Included software allows consumers to automatically synchronise content they select wherever they want it, as well as offering a private Internet Drive so users can access their data away from home via an internet connection.

The FreeAgent Pro data mover will include a trial offer of 500 megabytes of online space, which is free of charge for the first six months and upgradeable after that.

Interfaces include USB2 and eSATA interface (standard), or dual FireWire 400 ports. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price ranges from $199.99 (320GB) to $419.99 (750GB) for both modules.

Those looking for a portable option can opt for the FreeAgent Go (80GB, 120GB, 160GB) and FreeAgent Go Small (12GB) data movers.

The drive sports a travelling desktop feature that gives you access to you desktop, but when finished, your private information and personalized settings are stored on the FreeAgent Go data mover, not on the host computer.

The price for FreeAgent Go Small is $139.99 (12GB); FreeAgent Go ranges from $129.99 (80GB) to $189.99 (160GB).

Finally for those looking for a traditional hard drive offering, Seagate has announced the FreeAgent Desktop data movers (250GB, 320GB, 500GB). They are PC and Mac compatible with a USB2 interface for easy connection and fast 7200-RPM. Prices range from $149.99 (250GB) to $249.99 (500GB).