USB memory cards are two a dozen these days, so what better way to distinguish your memory card from the pack that to include a laser pointer.

Traxdata, the company that makes these things, has announced the availability of its combined flash USB drive laser pointer.

The new Traxdata EZ Drive Laser Pointer, as you would of course expect it to be called is also one of the first to allow users to take advantage of the new Windows ReadyBoost technology found in Windows Vista.

The ReadyBoost technology can retrieve data kept on the flash memory quicker than it can retrieve data stored on the hard disk, decreasing the time you need to wait for your PC to respond. You will also be able to remove the EZ Drive device at any time without any loss of data.

Sharon Yeh, product manager, said: “We recognised the market need to incorporate a laser feature in to the EZ Drive and then combined that with a good design that fits easily in a pocket, helping to remove the need for transporting a hefty laptop”.

The EZ Drive Laser Pointer is currently available in several different capacities including 512MB, 1GB and 2GB with the 4GB model on the market in early-2007.