Evesham has launched a small notebook computer that it’s calling the smallest and lightest notebook on the market with an optical drive, and has called it the Light Book.

With a screen that measures just 12.1-inches, the Light Book weighs 1.2kg and measures 283 x 238 x 35mm. And just in case you didn’t read the first sentence carefully, it may not be the lightest or smallest notebook computer on the market, but it may be the smallest and lightest with an optical drive on the market.

It runs on an Intel Core Solo processor and an Intel GMA 950 video engine, and has enough juice in its batteries to keep running for 5 hours.

Protected by finger print identification, it offers Intel wireless lan connectivity, and a 4-in-1 card reader.

The standard model, which costs £999 comes with 512MB DdR RAM and a 60GB hard drive as well as three USB2.0 ports, one CRT monitor port, and an internal microphone. See the link below for more information.