Virgin Atlantic has revised the ban on using Dell or Apple notebooks on battery power, and is now getting flight crew to check the batteries being used.

The airline has revised its notebook battery policy, and has posted the following statements on its website: “Customers wishing to use an Apple or Dell laptop on board can only do so once the laptop battery serial number has been checked by a member of the cabin crew.

“If the battery is permitted for use, the laptop may be used as normal on board, with no further restrictions."

“If, however, the battery is identified as being from the affected batch as identified by Apple and Dell, the battery must be removed. In cabins where the seats are fitted with In Seat Power Supplies, leads/adaptors will be offered."

“Where no ISPS is provided … the use of these affected laptops is prohibited.”

Qantas has not revised its policy as stated on its website yet, which lets Dell laptop owners use the computers on battery power or mains power with the battery removed.