The Department for Transport has eased the hand luggage restriction on flights out of British airports, although it isn’t a return to normalcy.

The size of the piece of hand luggage allowed has been increased, and musicians are now allowed to take big instruments on as a second piece of hand luggage. Other passengers are still restricted to one piece, and that includes women with handbags.

The size has increased from 18 x 14 x6 inches to 22 x 17.5 x 9.89 inches, so that a small rolling case can now be accommodated and business travellers will probably be able to fit a change of clothes and a notebook computer into their cabin baggage.

Liquids are still banned unless bought in Duty Free, apart from those on flights to the USA who still cannot take liquids on board. Solid cosmetics, however, are now permitted.

Heathrow airport’s website warns that some airlines may have additional cabin baggage restrictions in place.