Epson has unveiled the latest addition to its range of PictureMate portable printers: the PM 240 and PM 280.

In all respects except one the printers are identical; however, the PM 280 has an additional CD drive that allows for transfer of images from memory card to CD or direct printing from a CD.

Epson calls the design “contemporary and iconic” but whereas older PictureMate featured a fun and rounded design, the newer ones look a bit like grey buckets or tupperware.

Both printers work standalone, and print directly from memory cards or PictBridge in up to 42 seconds per photo print.

They incorporate PhotoEnhance technology which detects the type of scene you’re printing and then optimises the image accordingly. For example, if you’re printing a portrait, the printers will adjust the skin tones and brightness.

Editing like red-eye removal and cropping can be done from the memory card thanks to the printers’ 2.5-inch colour screen, and a variety of affects, like black and white, or sepia can be applied.

The standard PM 240 costs £130, while the PM 280 costs £200 and is available in October.