In honour of the PC’s 25th birthday, a few statistics to show how far computing technology has come.

The very first IBM PC had a 4.7MHz processor; today’s top PCs run at over 600 times fast than that.

A floppy disc with just 160K capacity stored information for the original computer; today, standard hard drives are over 100GB, with top-of-the-range home PCs sting up to 600GB.

PC World aims to show just how far we’ve come in its new in-store trials of a digital home installation service called “The Connected Home".

Stores in Staples Corner, Birmingham, and soon Tottenham Court Road will showcase the latest in home computing technology and offer advice on how to set up a PC-run home.

Happy Birthday to the PC on 12 August – if you want to take a look at an original IBM PC, visit the PC World Staples Corner store in London.