In an effort to simplifying the process of using VoIP, Packard Bell and Skype have furthered their working relationship by bringing out the Skype Edition notebook for the European market.

The Packard Bell EasyNote Skype Edition's main selling point is that next to the built-in webcam is a one-touch Skype calling button.

By pressing it, users can quickly answer incoming calls, or open the Skype application to make a call.

The notebook features plenty of power thanks to Intel dual-core processors, as well as built-in broadband and wireless connectivity.

The Packard Bell and Skype partnership was first launched two years ago when the computer company loaded Skype software on to its PCs.

Now, thanks to the Skype button, it's as easy to make Skype calls as with traditional phones.

The notebook will be available in August for about €900. No word yet on whether it's coming to the UK.