Evesham technology has today announced the launch of the next generation in complete entertainment systems, the Evesham e-box3.

Housed in a black case with brushed aluminium front, the e-box3 combines PC, TV, DVD and Hi-fi capabilities into one system.

Running from an Athlon 64 processor with Hyper Transport technology (up to 4800+X2), the e-box3 has full PVR (Personal Video Recorder) functionality and comes as standard with either a single Hybrid (Digital/Analogue) TV Tuner or Twin Tuners which allow users to record one TV channel while watching another or record two TV channels while watching a previously recorded programme.

Choosing a Digital TV Tuner option will give users access to over 30 DVBT ‘Freeview’ TV channels including the recently signed E4. The e-box3 is also fully compatible with most existing set-top boxes.

Built in storage, up to 400GB, stores music, pictures, movies or a staggering 150 hours of TV, while a multi format DVD recorder allows users to share their digital content.

The e-box3 is supplied as standard with a Microsoft Windows Media Center 2005 certified remote control as well as a Microsoft cordless keyboard and cordless optical tilt mouse.

The e-box3 is available immediately. Prices start from just £699 inc. VAT and include a 3-year Gold Warranty backed by Evesham’s UK-based technical support.