Verbatim, known mostly for its recordable media such as CDs and DVDs has released a Notebook Essentials kit that promises to make life on the road that little bit easier.

Each of the five invaluable accessories that make up the Notebook Essentials Collection are kept in place with elasticated restraints to prevent damage or shifting when in transit.

A pair of Dual Cables - network and modem - each measuring 6 feet and are
housed in a spring-loaded disc. One cable connects to the computer's modem to a
standard telephone jack, while the other will connect to an Ethernet network.

The USB optical mouse is less than half the size of an ordinary desktop mouse, 3
inches by 1 inch, making it ideal for working in limited spaces, such as on
board a plane or train.

A portable USB2.0 hi-speed hub expands one port into four, using a connector
that's barely bigger than a packet of chewing gum. Users can connect a mouse, a
drive, camera and digital music player all at the same time. There's even a
power light so that you know the hub is ready for use.

And the Mini-USB connector is ideal for transferring files from a digital
camera, an MP3 player or even connecting to your mobile phone. With this device
you can leave at least two to three cables at home or the office.

Finally the fifth accessory is useful a retractable USB cable so that even USB
ports that are in awkward, hard to reach places won't present a problem.

Compatible with PC or Macintosh the storage case measures 19 x 11.5
x 5.5 cm and weighs just 277 grams and will retail at around ?29.99.