Plextor today has launched its first shock-proof portable hard disk drives created for the rough and tumble of modern life.

Coming in 80 and 120GB capacities, the silver lightweight PX-SP08U/PX-SP12U drives are designed to withstand the inevitable knocks and bumps of normal use that can seriously affect more fragile units.

They come with a silicon skin to protect the chassis from scratches and a handy carrying pouch.

Plextor's new unit offers USB2.0 connectivity and a compact size (12.5mm high and 170g weight).

The company is the second manufacturer today however to announce a new portable hard drive with competing Maxtor hoping it can offer users looking to go portable a useful solution.

In addition, Plextor is adding a 160GB capacity drive to its professional Network-Attached Storage (NAS) unit. The PX-EH16L has all the useful features of its 250/400GB brothers, but says the company "more affordable for small businesses and professional home users".