Verbatim has launched a 4GB and 8GB Store 'n' Go USB HD Drive for consumers wanting more than just a bundle of USB sticks in their pocket.

The new drive, which will be available later this month, will be the size of a business card and promises to store up to 2 hours of video content.

Both drives are pre-loaded with Mobile Launchpad, a utility providing users with the ability to download applications for running directly from the USB HD Drive. Mobile Launchpad also allows complete access to personal files and data without loading the content on to a guest system. For quick and immediate access, the drives can also be used in familiar drag'n'drop mode.

Using the USB2.0 cable, the hot-pluggable Store 'n' Go USB HD Drive can be connected to a USB2.0- or 1.1-equipped computer without having to wait for the computer to reboot. Once connected, files can be dragged and dropped to the 3600-rpm hard drive.

The drive weighs approximately 50 grams, and measures 7cm x 5.4cm x 0.95cm. The drive is fully compatible with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, CE 3.0 and higher; Mac OS 10 X and higher; Linux 2.40 and higher systems.

They are expected to retail at approximately £99.99 for the 4GB and £149.99 for the larger capacity 8GB.