Rock, a UK laptop firm, has launched the Pegasus 330, a portable entertainment notebook the promises silent running at the press of a button.

The new Pegasus 330 notebook weighs 2.1kg, has a battery life of 3.5 hours, and uses the Intel Centrino technology with Core Duo processor.

Coming in two varieties - the Pegasus 330 T2300 and Pegasus 330 T2400 both feature an 80GB hard drive, digital tv tuner as standard, 8x DVDRW with Dual Layer, and X-Glass 13.3” WXGA screen.

The main difference between the two machines is the processing speed and memory allocation. The T2300 has a 1.66GHz chip with 512MB DDR2 while the T2400 has a Intel Core Duo 1.88GHz chip with 1GB DDR2.

Like HP and other laptop manufacturers, an instant on button allows you to access videos, music and TV all at the touch of a button without having to boot up Windows and Wi-Fi.

The Pegasus 330 is a great all rounder with prices starting from £749 ex. vat, plus rock offer a 3-year warranty on parts and labour is free of charge.