If you are one of those people that likes to get angry at your computer then perhaps you should consider the Virtually Indestructible Keyboard, a keyboard made from silicone, so at least next time you hurl it across the room no damage will be done.

Washable, rollable and easy to use, the VIK promises quick, reflexive typing that is silent and more comfortable than a normal, plastic, keyboard.

The "flat-out" design also eliminates negative-angle wrist stress.

Those messy and destructive types will also be pleased to hear that the silicon-based material is impervious to most anything including water, coffee and cleaning solutions.

The 109-key keyboard is available in two options: Black Finish and Glow Type Edition which glows in the dark so you can see what you are doing if you like working with the lights out.

The company also offers a Virtually Indestructible Mouse, iPaq and Palm PDAs, should your destructive habits venture away from the office.