If you are fed up of explaining to the other half the barrage of cables are a necessity to having a desktop computer at home, perhaps you need to invest in a Powerdesk.

The Powerdesk is the brainchild of a UK design company and offers world's first truly integrated desk and personal computer.

The company has launched two designs to choose from; the Barcelona and Tokyo, which have been created for use in the home or in the office.

Overcoming the issues of cabling and clutter that surround a typical PC, the wiring and the hard drive are concealed within the desk leaving only the flat panel monitor on display. All of the controls, including a fully integrated CD/DVD drive and USB ports, are embedded within the desk top.

Powerdesk uses industry-standard, fully-upgradeable PCs from major manufacturers such as Dell and HP. They also offer a high performance sound system, built-in to the design of the desk, to eliminate trailing wires and cumbersome grey boxes.

Some Powerdesk models also feature motorised powerlifting legs, which enables the height to be easily adjusted to fit the person that is sitting at it, and certain models are made from Dupont Corian a high quality, durable material that is scuff, scratch and microbe resistant.

Developed by Powerdesk's team of designers, the Barcelona is made of wood and Tokyo comprises steel, glass and wood.

Powerdesk also offer a bespoke service for customers who want a desk built to their own specifications.

Powerdesk Barcelona is available from £1250 and Tokyo from £1850.

For information on availability please visit www.powerdesk.com