Colour Confidence, a firm who specialises in colour management for computers, has announced a range of monitor calibration products for both Mac and PC users to help consumers make sure they are seeing the right colours on their screens.

The new range includes huey, Eye-One Display LT and Eye-One Display 2.

huey is the company's latest gadget for any consumer or photo hobbyist. Supposedly quick and easy to use, the settings can be adjusted based upon the user's primary activity, be it viewing photography, playing games, creating graphics or browsing the web.

Eye-One Display LT features more advanced controls than huey. The wizard software calibrates the monitor automatically and Colour Confidence suggests it is the ideal entry-point for the price-sensitive creative wannabe and can be upgraded to the Eye-One Display 2 if the user's needs expand.

Eye-One Display 2 includes all the features of Eye-One Display LT, but also provides unlimited control and customisation capabilities over the gamma and whitepoint settings.

huey, Eye-One Display LT and Eye-One Display 2 are available immediately from Colour Confidence priced at £69, £132 and £194 respectively.