Lexmark has launched three new printers: The Lexmark P915 Photo Printer, the Lexmark P6250 Photo All-in-One and the The X7170 All-in-One.

The P915 and P6250 include a 2.5-inch colour LCD on the front and are aimed at the home market while the X7170 All-in-One will be aimed at small business users.

The P6250 a Photo Scan Guide that offers blue LED lights that indicate to the user where the photo should be placed for perfect reproduction.

The P915 and P6250 will also offer a variety of on-board camera card readers, support PictBridge technology and feature six-colour output with borderless capabilities. Images can be produced with resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dots per inch and with Lexmark's evercolorä ink system, and Lexmark even promises that its prints will last up to 65 years under glass display and up to 200 years in a photo album.

An interesting idea in the P6250 is an embedded storage compartment for replacement cartridges although we get the feeling this has been created due to poor design.

Meanwhile the X7170 All-in-One builds in a fax machine and Productivity Suite Software into the mix. The software will allow users among other things to you create pdfs straight from scanning and include OCR software.

The unit will also offer standalone capabilities found in most all-in-one units. An optional Ethernet and wireless network adapter is available.

The Lexmark X7170 All-in-One is priced at £199.99 while the P915 Photo Printer and P6250 Photo All-In-One are priced at £99.99 and £149.99.