PRESS RELEASE: Encapsulating a work and play dimension, BenQ have launched three all-new Centrino-based notebook models—the Joybook 5100, 6000 and 8100. Among the new offerings, the flagship Joybook 8100 includes the second generation of the Q-Media AV entertainment software suite, amply demonstrating the potential of a digital hub for increasing enjoyment.

The Q-Media Center is the nerve center of a digital hub, not only opening up the full range of possibilities for AV entertainment, but also letting users easily store and edit video, music and images from a single interface. Equipped with the capabilities of the Q-Media Center, the Joybook 8100 is the first personal computer that comes with a wireless remote control. Its remote sensing design allows users to perform basic operations from right where they are—perfect for convenient meeting presentations and the comfortable enjoyment of AV entertainment.

Peter Chen, BenQ Vice President and General Manager of BenQ Digital Media Business Group stated, “In the past, information technology allowed consumers to access and deliver data with just their fingertips. But now, BenQ is going even further and letting everyone do the same things with just a single thumb.”

Attuned to increasing demand for wireless broadband connectivity, BenQ has integrated Bluetooth, GPRS and infrared technologies that let users get online wirelessly with just a Joybook and a mobile phone—even in locations where there is no wireless LAN coverage. The Joybook's built-in software is a powerful enabler for digital hub applications: EZ-Q allows Joybooks to message with each other without being limited by the external network environment; Q-Sync provides synchronization and transfer of information stored on mobile phones and PDAs. In addition, the new Joybook builds on BenQ's "Ultra-brilliant multimedia" technology, which provides screen images at 200-plus nits brightness and enhanced color saturation, dramatically improving the viewing experience on a personal computer screen.

Complementing the Joybook 8100, the Joybook 6000 and 5100 offer a super-slim form factor, high-quality 12" wide-screen display, and magnesium alloy casing. The new notebooks make the BenQ Joybook product lineup even more complete, satisfying a greater breadth of consumer needs and preferences. Platforms that enable users to harmoniously blend work and pleasure, the Joybooks are dedicated to raising the standard for AV multimedia and extending the range of uses available for consumer technology products. They offer the ability to attach and access a comprehensive range of digital peripheral devices, expanding the capabilities and the opportunities for the enjoyment of a full digital lifestyle.