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(Pocket-lint) - Whether you’re an office worker, casual PC user, gamer, or programmer working long hours, a good keyboard can enhance your experience during any activity. Wireless solutions offer flexibility and range and can declutter the desk to boost your concentration and productivity.

But is the Trezo Comfort Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set the best wireless solution for your workstation or personal system setup? It distinguishes itself in four core categories, which says a lot about its potential and wow factor. Here are its main benefits.


Trust Everything you need to know about the Trust Trezo Comfort Wireless Keyboard and Mouse set photo 9

Environmentally conscious laptop and PC users had few options when it came to peripherals. That is until the Trezo Comfort Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set entered the scene. Built from 85% recycled materials and shipped in sustainable packaging, this keyboard and mouse combo earns a respectable 4-star Clevergreen rating.


This eco-friendly alternative to traditional peripherals sets the stage for high-end performance and flexibility, all the while minimizing carbon footprint.

But don’t let the sustainable design fool you. The recycled PCR ABS plastic is durable and moulded to create a tough and spill-resistant keyboard and a versatile mouse.


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Aside from its sustainable design, the Trezo Comfort Keyboard and Mouse combo sets itself apart with impressive quietness. 

Few keyboards are truly silent, and the ones that are will rarely have additional standout features. But Trezo Comfort’s silent keys enable users to work in any environment and at any hour without disrupting their surroundings. It’s a reliable solution for home offices, virtual meetings, podcast studios, video editing, and other activities that require unobtrusiveness.

The mouse buttons’ soft action makes the entire set much more enjoyable and drives it forward as a remarkably silent keyboard and mouse combination for everyday use.


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Wireless keyboards can be loaded with features. But sometimes, the bells and whistles can’t compensate for substandard core features. This is where the Trezo Comfort gets it right.

The keyboard and mouse have superior resource management and can use the battery quite efficiently. With a pair of good Duracell batteries, the keyboard can have enough power for up to 48 months. The mouse has a shorter battery life but still puts out a respectable 12 months of uptime on a charge. The set uses three AA batteries in total, with Duracell batteries included in the package for convenience.

The low power drain, considering the extra keyboard functions, is even more impressive.

The Trezo Comfort Keyboard comes with a full range of media keys and office keys. It gives users more control over their systems and apps from the keyboard and can streamline various commands. In addition, supporting a range of 10 meters on a wireless connection is no joke.

While the devices use little power in standby mode, users can switch off the mouse and keyboard when not in use to conserve even more energy and maximize battery life.


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What else can a keyboard and mouse set offer besides good battery life, range, and silent keys? People who spend most of their time glued to the screen are at risk of serious wrist, finger, and elbow strain.

A wrong hand and wrist position can lead to chronic pains over time and ruin productivity. But the Trezo Comfort Keyboard and Mouse Set by Trust resolves the issue with its ergonomic three-stage design process.

First, the keyboard features an integrated wrist rest to keep both hands positioned correctly and comfortably for long sessions.

Secondly, this keyboard plus mouse set comes with an ambidextrous mouse. These are often considered the gold industry standard in terms of ergonomics. The symmetrical design promotes a neutral hand position to reduce strain.

Lastly, the cursor speed is adjustable to 1,000, 1,400, and 1,800 DPI. Thanks to these settings, users can select a comfortable pace without playing around in their operating system’s settings or installing third-party hardware. 

Multiplatform compatible

The Trezo Comfort Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set is compatible with Windows 10 and 11, macOS 10.15, 11, and 12, and Chrome OS.

Therefore, it can benefit programmers, writers, gamers, video editors, office workers, and various content creators, regardless of their operating systems.

Trust in Trezo

There’s much to unpack about the Trezo Comfort Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set. Its innovative design, focused on using 85% recycled ABS materials, is impressive.

But combined with extra-long battery life, accessible media keys, a spill-resistant build, silent operation, and top-notch ergonomics, these eco-friendly wireless peripherals are excellent for pretty much any desktop and laptop system. 

The Trezo Set is an all-in-one solution designed for the ultimate working comfort and enjoyable regular use - and you can buy it now through Argos!

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