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(Pocket-lint) - Whether you're building a new computer, repairing an old one or resetting your laptop, if you've ever looked into buying a product key to activate your copy of Windows, you'll know how expensive it can get.

The full price of the operating system is sky-high, and the same goes for key progammes like the Microsoft Office suite.

However, you don't have to despair - there are ways to keep your costs down, and one of the very best is to use VIPKeySale, a superb website that can sell you keys for these products at massively cut-down prices. You get a completely genuine and safe activation, without paying nearly so much. But how can you take advantage?

Read on to find out some of the very best deals you could pick up, and make sure to use the discount code PL16 to get 16% off your order. 

Windows 10

As we said above, Windows is key to absolutely millions of computers worldwide, and it's always useful to have a backup activation code on file in case your account gets lost, or you build a new machine and need to activate it. While you can operate without activating your copy of Windows, you'll have far fewer options and features to take advantage of, so it's definitely worth committing to an activation. 

The prices you can get through VIPKeySale are absolutely stellar, especially when you use the discount code PL16 to get an extra 16% off - we've summarised them below:

Best of all, it's really simple to use the codes once you've purchased them. After checking out and paying for your code or codes, you'll get an email with your code in it. Then you simply need to hit the Windows button on your keyboard to access the start menu on your keyboard, then search for the setting called "See if Windows is activated". 

Clicking on that setting will take you to a menu where you can choose to enter your Windows activation key - simply type or paste in your code, click to proceed and you'll be done! In some cases you may also need to call Microsoft to verify your code, which takes a matter of minutes and is really easy, too. 

If you shop around a bit, you'll quickly be able to tell that these prices are almost unbeatable, and the process is so simple that there's really no reason not to do it this way. Whether you opt for Windows 10 Home or Pro, you'll be getting a superb operating system either way. 

Microsoft Office

Another costly bundle that many people have to pick up for their PC, though, is Microsoft's industry-leading suite of Office programmes, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel. They're hard to live without, but can often cost absolutely loads of cash, that you might not have. 

Whether it's editing documents, creating spreadsheets or any number of other jobs, if you want to save cash but still be able to use Office in full, VIPKeySale can help there, too, with these amazing prices, again using the Pocket-lint discount code PL16:

These let you access all the key parts of Microsoft Office for just $50, a massive saving compared to buying it directly from Microsoft. Once again, you just download Office from Microsoft, and then when you're prompted to use an activation key, use the code you're sent by VIPKeySale.

To take advantage of these deals and many more that are available, be sure to check out VIPKeySale's website to browse all the products it has available.