(Pocket-lint) - In the space of 2020 alone, Zoom has shot up from a relatively unheralded bit of video conferencing software to a household name, going from user numbers in the tens of millions to the hundreds of millions in about six months.

That's the sort of growth that would inspire many companies to reevaluate its plans and make some ambitious news ones, so it's no surprise to hear that Zoom's looking to branch into the hardware side of video conferencing. 

Six months is a little too rapid to spin up an entire hardware arm, though, so it's unsurprisingly partnering up on this one with conferencing manufacturers DTEN ME, and the first fruit of that partnership is the excitingly named Zoom for Home - DTEN ME.

Zoom for Home is, in fact, the name of the range that Zoom will presumably expand over time, and this first product is positioned interestingly. It's very much a smart display focused around video conferencing, and Zoom specifically, but with a 27-inch display is on the chunky side for potential home workers. 

The display is priced at $600, which also places it above most of the competition when it comes to smart displays for the home, although this device's focus is obviously different, and it's much larger. It's got a three-camera array and eight microphones to make sure that you come through to your callers in crystal clarity, too. 

It could be that this proves a hit with offices that have the cash to make sure their home workers are networking in the most efficient and comfortable way possible, but we're a little skeptical as to whether people would independently buy this for themselves. If you're tempted, though, you can find more info on DTEN's site, here. The display is up for pre-order now, ahead of expected August shipping.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.