(Pocket-lint) - This cable is pretty clever as it can charge almost anything thanks to magnetised interchangeable tips. The Infinity cable can charge phones, tablets, power banks and USB-C laptops like a new Mac. 

It supports up to 100W of power delivery and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and 4.0 ensuring a rapid charge on many devices, too. It's also fine for data transfer between devices, too.  

The cable is the brainchild of Chargeasap, a Sydney-baed company. The neodymium magnetised tips for USB-C, Lightning and micro USB attach to the cable itself, meaning that you're very unlikely to lose them. They attach using a bespoke 10 pin connector which works pretty well. 

What's more, the cable is USB-C at the other end, meaning it's compatible with the latest chargers.

And, should you wish to plug it into an older USB-A type socket, then you can do that thanks to a little adapter for the end of the cable. Again that is magnetic. 

This doesn't provide the most secure fit side-to-side - if you bend the attached cable plug upwards or sideways it'll disconnect - but it will keep hold of a phone or lightweight tablet if it's dropped off the table. Chargeasap says the magnets are capable of holding an iPad Air.

It also means that if you're charging a device like a laptop, the cable will detach rather than the laptop coming off the table like Apple's older MagSafe tech. 

It costs $30/£25 if you order in the next couple of weeks on Kickstarter and will ship in the new year. The cable has been funded many times over, with over 3,000 backers. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.